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We are proud to work with the following ​quality programs:

Center Activities
Special Guests - Omaha Public Library, The Story Peddler
Dance, Dance, Dance
Center Activities


Smart Start utilizes a state approved curriculum with age appropriate activities and environments for our classrooms.

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Schools include: St. Pius, Hillside, Benson West, Adams, Dodge

INFANT I (6 weeks to 6 months)
INFANT II (6 months to 12 months)

Our precious infants enjoy a large baby room that includes a sleeping area, play area and eating area.  Our entire lower level is equipped with storm proof safety windows, a sprinkler system, and sturdy evacuation cribs for emergencies. We are proud to have an experienced teaching staff with many years of childcare. Parents are informed with daily sheets noting baby’s eating, sleeping, diapers, and milestones.  Openings are extremely limited - please call for availability.

TODDLER I & TODDLER II (12 to 18 months)

We have a room for our one-year-olds and a room for our 18 month olds. We wanted to create spaces for our active babies to spread their wings and try new things.  The rooms are lively and full of stimulating toys for sensory experiences, lots of books for literacy, and age-appropriate activities to help the toddlers transition out of the infant room. Parents are informed with daily sheets noting  eating, sleeping, diapers, and milestones.

TWO'S & 2/3 TRANSITION ROOM (2 years to 3 years)

This is a time for toddlers to interact with their friends and learn in an age appropriate setting.   They enjoy circle time, centers, free play, outdoor time, reading, songs, sensory activities and more. The teachers help the children with potty training and transitioning from one activity to another. Children learn best through play so there is plenty of time throughout the day for children to play.  Our teaching staff have arranged their rooms to include learning areas.    Some of these areas are dramatic play, blocks, puzzles and library.  We have large areas for moving  freely and doing large motor activities.   The curriculum includes themes, nursery rhymes, numbers, letters, colors, shapes, sign language, feelings and coordinating art projects.

PRESCHOOL I & II (3-4-5 years)

Our active preschoolers enjoy bright classrooms organized with centers and specific activities to help them learn and grown. We aim to improve gross and fine motor skills, cognitive development, promote imaginative play, and a general understanding of the alphabet and word relationship as well as math, science, art and fitness. We also introduce the children to Spanish words and numbers. The preschool rooms have a set schedule with circle time, library time, curriculum/learning time, centers, games, and outdoor time.

SCHOOL AGE (6 years & up)

Before and After School transportation for area schools. We also accept busing to and from Smart Start for school age. Holiday and no-school day care. Summer "Camp Smart Start" including field trips, going to the park, games, reading, art, swim days and exploring their world!