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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I LEARN."

-Benjamin Franklin


The Infant 1 Classroom is for infants ages 6 weeks to 12 months. Caregivers provide a  nurturing environment for your child to grow and explore.  Infants are cared for, sung/read to and played with during the day, stimulating their growth and development. With a ratio of 1 teacher for every 4 children, your child is receiving the special care and individual attention that he or she needs. You can expect daily communication from the staff on how your little one did that day.

In our Infant 2 Classroom, 12 months to 18 months, these kiddos are starting to walk independently and are becoming a toddler. This classroom provides them with more space for movement and exploration. You will find lots of fun and exciting toys/materials to help develop fine and gross motor skills. Children will enjoy story time, songs/finger plays, art time and sensory play. Sign language is also one of the tools used in this classroom, as most of the children cannot communicate verbally yet. The ratio in this classroom is still 1 teacher for every 4 children.


Our toddlers are also split into two groups allowing for smaller class sizes and more one on one time with their teachers.

Children in the Toddler 1 Classroom are approximately 18 months to 2 years old. This classroom follows a ratio of 1 teacher for every 6 children. In this room, they will start learning concepts such as their colors, shapes, letters and counting. Children begin to learn skills such as sharing and taking turns. Our teachers follow a weekly themed curriculum that introduces science, math, literacy, and fine motor activities. Potty training can begin in this room when you and your child are ready.

The Toddler 2 Classroom is for children approximately 2 years to 3 years old. In this room, they start to work on more recognition of colors, shapes, letters, numbers and continue to follow a weekly themed curriculum. They have lots of fun with art projects, using various mediums and participating in lots of hands-on activities. 

Preschool & Pre-K

The Preschool Classroom is for children approximately ages 3 years to 4 years old. It offers a more structured learning environment where your child will learn through large and small group times, hands-on activities, experiments, games, art projects, reading and play. This classroom follows a ratio of 1 teacher for every 10 children.

The Pre-K Classroom is for children approximately ages 4 years to 5 years old, who will be entering Kindergarten the next fall. Our goal is to have them ready as they head off to school, armed with all the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in Kindergarten. The ratio of this group is 1 teacher for every 12 children. Not only do we work on academics, we work on independent skills and social skills. Our curriculum is written by our Program Director, Lori, who incorporates all the fundamentals into our weekly themed lesson plans.

Age ranges for these classrooms are approximate, with the goal being that your child will spend one school year in Preschool and one school year in Pre-K.

School Age

Smart Start Learning Center offers Before and After School Care for school-age children up through 12 years of age, with transportation to and from school (Hillside & Adams.)

We also provide full-day care on days when school is out.

In the summer, we offer an amazing summer camp for your school-age child, full of fun activities and field trips to keep your child active and engaged!

We are proud to work with the following ​quality programs: